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Formal Training

Simon Fraser University's Charles Chang Institute for Entrepreneurship

Communications and Marketing Coordinator

Feb 2020 - Present

Seedling is a mental health-focused, eco-friendly art and journaling company set on increasing accessibility to mental health tools, like Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.

I am the Founder and CEO, leading a team of 12 entrepreneurial spirits on our journey through product development, strategic marketing, securing seed funding and more.

Here are some of the areas I've been focused on
  • Using project management principles to craft clear deliverables and timelines
  • Crafting our strategic marketing plan, setting KPI's and crafting our sales funnel
  • ​Organization structure and the Business Model Canvas
  • Developing organizational culture
  • MVP and Product Development
  • Working with the finance team to secure funding and incorporate

As you know, running a start up often requires you to wear many hats...

Seedling Accolades
  • 2nd Place - Queens Entrepreneurship Competition
  • Financial Competency Award Winner - RBC Business Model Canvas Competition
  • ​Engaged Alumni Winner - #MadeBySFU
  • Top 50, Global Finalist - Social Shifters

Lifeguarding exp. + certification

- leadership


stress management

first aid/instruction etc

Graphic design TA

giving feedback/critique

teaching software tutorials

Film instructor

working with younger audiences to teach the fundamentals of film and animation

Uni courses that stand out

ux and ui design

psychology behind design


graphic design

business model canvas

project management (ongoing)

Chang Institute (run like a startup)




engagement & presentations


Adobe suite, preferred illustrator, indesign, s, premier, ae

Asana, slack and other project management tools

hootsuite/buffer/sprout (social media marketing tools)




entrepreneurial mindset

public speaking

team collaboration

team building

self-efficacy (resilience and drive)

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