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Excel Martial Arts 

Social Media Content

Next, we schedule the actors (usually her staff, as the videos involve martial arts stunts), choose costumes, locations and pick a filming date. Upon completion of production, I convert the footage typically into the 30s - 1 minute long videos (with different crop ratios), tailoring it to the specific platform.

The video to the left was the first mini-campaign I ever shot for Excel - a 20s promotional video for their Ladies Self-Defence Event. I filmed, directed edited, and even created the music for the video.

This video was filmed on a Canon T5i camera and shot in 1080p at 60fps. Edited in Adobe Premiere Pro, Garage Band, and Adobe Audition. 

I have had the fortune of working with the martial arts company Excel Martial Arts for many years, creating videos, hosting events, and taking promotional photos for their social media.

My goal for creating content for excel is is to keep it short, concise, and eye-grabbing. II start by meeting with the owner, Valerie Peligrino, where we meet to discuss which platforms the content is for. From there, I work on storyboards, scripts, and other pre-production materials, before presenting it to the client for approval.

Let's Kick Cancer

25 to Life x Let's Kick Cancer

Excel agreed to partner with us and thus the event organizing, promotional content planning, and sell tickets. As part of our promise, we needed to ensure our event promotion was on point, we not only wanted to promote Let's Kick Cancer but also Excel with the goal of event participants becoming interested in attending the Excel dojo after the event.

The design above is the facebook event banner. The one on the right is the print poster -- both designed in Adobe InDesign & Adobe Illustrator.

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