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I'm a Victoria-based entrepreneur, designer and storyteller. Founder & CEO @ Seedling Art Co.

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Here's a little bit more about me:

I am a marketing, design, and content creation expert with over 5 years of working with startups, non-profits, and educational institutions. I have a Bachelor of Arts in Interactive Arts and Technology (specializing in design and media), as well as a Certificate in Innovation and Entrepreneurship (specializing in business model development, marketing, and design thinking) from Simon Fraser University.


Why Choose Me?

How do I know what you're struggling with? Well for starters, as the founder of my own start-up, Seedling Art Co., so I've been in your shoes! I understand the inner-working of new ventures on an intimate level. I also spent 2.5 years working in marketing for a start-up incubator and university entrepreneurship eco-system, where I liaised with many different businesses over the years. And prior to that, I spent a few years as the Creative Director and co-founder of a non-profit society.

I have a passion for helping small businesses 'grow their wings' and lift off to make a change in our current societal landscape.

Let's Work Together

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